Welcome to the Order of Anubis

Welcome to the Order of Anubis. The Order of Anubis is a Left Hand Path (LHP) organization dedicated to spiritual advancement of Mankind. The Order has its roots in magical tradition hailing back to Ancient Egypt and traces its lineage through the twentieth century most notably through the occult personages of Aleister Crowley, Anton Szandor LaVey, Michael A. Aquino and – most formally – Ronald Keith Barrett who was the First Xem Magus of the Common Era.

The Order of Anubis considers itself the spiritual successor to the various groups founded by the preceding individuals.

However, the Order doesn’t want to limit itself to the Hermetic tradition. The Order strives to be a reference mark for all genuine LHP traditions, without any exclusions. We understand that Initiation is a (slow) personal process and we feel that Initiates should have the personal freedom to explore the LHP without restrictions or “dogmas” of any kind.

The current Initiates of the Order of Anubis have arrived at the Order through (very) different Paths and our common denominator is that we all have reached the same general conclusions as to the nature of sentient existence and the purpose of the same. In the Order of Anubis we strive to create a Space wherein the Initiate may Work towards his or her own Understanding at their own pace in an atmosphere of personal freedom and a lack of any organizational dogmas.  We consider ourselves a Magical School where the practice of Magic in the broadest sense of the word is a key aspect of Initiation.

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