About us

Thank you for your interest in the Order of Anubis. The Order has its roots in magical tradition hailing back to Ancient Egypt and traces its lineage through the twentieth century most notably through the occult personages of Aleister Crowley, Anton Szandor LaVey and Michael A. Aquino. The Order is the spiritual successor to the various groups founded by the preceding individuals. Questions as to the validity of this statement are properly directed toward each questioner and it is not the task of the Order or its Priesthood to resolve them. As the magic tradition we espouse is self-generated, self-perpetuating and self-evolving, any such inquiries are properly directed toward oneself, although serious aspirants are invited to contact the Order with questions and/or concerns so that an intelligent and informed choice can be made as to possible affiliation.

It may be said that the Order of Anubis exists, like its ancestor organizations, because it is necessary for it to exist at the current time of the evolution of mankind. As an inherently sentient being, man has largely been occupied, particularly in the past one hundred years, as to the “how and why” of his existence, with science and the major monotheistic religions offering up a myriad of explanations. We seek to isolate and enhance the form or “first principle” of the ability to apprehend phenomena the very existence of which allows us to form the questions of “how and why” in the first place. Simply put, curiosity toward “how and why we got here” formed the basis of the inquiry; fascination with it continues the quest toward Knowledge.

The observant reader will note from the outset that this quest is vastly different than those proffered by traditional Judeo-Christian philosophy where, in the final analysis, a set of orders are given, usually with a demand for money, and the adherent is expected to follow those instructions unquestioned. Indeed, a hallmark of those same belief systems typically disallow questions in the first place, thus operating much as a totalitarian state does, with obedience to leaders, compliance with rules, and dire threats of punishment for getting out of line keeping whatever equilibrium the matrix has put in place.

Our tradition is quite different where such truths, as we see them, are offered to the aspirant with the invitation to the newcomer to question all things through a dialogue where he may come to see whether those truths, as that term is loosely defined, are more probably true than not. There are no penalties either for questions or for leaving the Order if the member so chooses. We have no interest in vast membership or monetary gain.


The Order of Anubis formally exists as an oficial Cultural Association registered in Madrid, Spain under Spanish Law since 2011 CE. All Initiates that hold the Degree of Priest(ess) of Anubis and beyond may opt to request formal registration as functioning members of the  Cultural Association “Order of Anubis”, but this is in no way a requirement for the Degree.

The Order has a board of directors, each holding office within the Order and are respectively named Guardian of the Order, Counselor, and Herald. This Board is also known as the “Triad”. For corporate purposes, the office of Guardian is the functional equivalent of Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. The office of Counselor is the functional equivalent of Vice-President [to be instituted in the event of incapacitation or absence of the Chief Executive Officer] and Treasurer. The office of Herald is the functional equivalent of Chief Operating Officer (High Priest is the term we use in the the OA). There are respective spiritual functionalities that each office holds, but they are irrelevant for legal purposes beyond the non-profit status of the Cultural Association “Order of Anubis” as a whole.

There are three grades of affiliation with the Order according to the level of initiation attained: Initiate, Priesthood, and Magus. Each grade is comprehensively described in the initial writings of the Order received upon affiliation. Within each grade, there are specialized spiritual functions that are intelligible primarily within the Order proper and are not addressed for purposes of this informational letter. Likewise, the recognition to successive grades is addressed to Initiates to the Order.

Interaction between Initiates of the Order

The High Priest operates a private forum in which Initiates of the Order may interact. Access to the Forum is by invitation only.


The Order has a minimum age of 18 in keeping with the idea that, prior to the age of majority pursuant to applicable United States and European laws, a person under that age properly should be focused on earthly and non-spiritual training. The Order is open to males and females of all nationalities. If you are interested in the Order of Anubis, please contact us here

We wish you well on your journey.

“When I am that I was not, and I am that I am not, then: I am that IAM.”