IAM Manuscript

IAM Manuscript by Ronald Keith Barrett

I am created of the admixture of peace and love, formed by searching for the intelligence of the unknown.

I am born transformed in the knowledge of the cosmic mind of IAM.

Out of the masses I am tediously fashioned by the cosmic hand of IAM.

I assume ten thousand spectral hues — either spiritually, mentally, or physically — upon my maker’s will.

I can masquerade as slave or sultan, and as all the other positions in the society of man.

But social dogmas are not my aspiration — I serve ten million purposes in as many different places, times, and ways.

My duties are unnumbered — infinite; pay heed to my utility.

I admit the light of universal intelligence to body, mind, and soul; and yet repel the frailties of ignorance.

I project the light that warns great men against all destruction, and concentrate the beams to swiftly guide Self to IAM.

I contain my master and all of his commodities, protecting them in thought, conversation, and action.

I form my master’s empire and am always aware of his presence.

I am the walls of his abode and his creation, and am the object of his utility and art in both of these.

I reflect his image, and mark the effect of time upon man. Sometimes I compliment, but more often am critically severe. I correct man’s impaired inner sight and thus bestow enjoyment of universal harmony — and of all nature’s beauties roundabout.

I expose man’s unnoticed enemies, and thereby do I promote his cosmic health and happiness.

I reveal to him the mysteries of the universe, carrying his vision to the unlimitable reaches of IAM.

Through me man has learned to chart the firmament, to plot the orbits of stars and planets, to make medicines, to conquer and put to use certain elements, and perchance to predict and follow his course through the future.

This knowledge I unfold is but the pledge of limitless knowledge as, step by step, I lead him to the unexplored and unmeasured IAM.

For I am older than the Pyramids, yet younger than tomorrow’s unborn. Withal the marks of time affect me not; I am ageless, and eternally I retain my luminous knowledge and quest for the intelligence of IAM.

Some of my tasks I have recounted, but now is always the beginning; for IAM and those who use me are of wisdom and vision; and together, as time unfolds, we will see and do many wondrous and mysterious things.

When I am that I was not, and I am that I am not, then:

I am that IAM.