Order of Anubis Q&A

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Last update: November 13, 2019


Questions and Answers

Question: Why is the Order of Anubis called the “Order of Anubis”?

The Order of Anubis is based on the legacy of the late Magus of Xem Ronald Keith Barrett (☼ September 29, 1944 – † June 27, 1998). The Order that he founded as a Magister Templi IVº in the Temple of Set was called “Order of Anubis”. Later, after his Recognition to the Vº, he continued to be the Grandmaster of the Order of Anubis. When he left the Temple of Set, his Order in ToS was discontinued, but his Legacy was conserved in the Order of Anpu. Magus Barrett founded a new Order of Anubis as a separate, stand-alone entity and led this Order until his death. The reason for our name is twofold:

  1. As a tribute to the Legacy of Magus of Xem Barrett, the Order of Anubis continues to be called as such, although we are a separate organization that is not connected nor affiliated with any of our predecessors.
  2. When the Prince of Darkness has spoken to the Magi of Xem, he has always referred to this Order as the “Order of Anubis”.

Question: What kind of organization is the Order of Anubis?

The Order of Anubis is a Left Hand Path organization in the sense of the Occidental definition; an organization that exists to pursue and promote the Deification of the Self of its members through the practice of (Black) Magic. The principal philosophical elements of the Order of Anubis are as follows:

  • A focus on the solitary, individualistic and persona, based on self-development, self-analysis and self-empowerment; an emphasis also on the unique, deviant and exclusive.
  • An emphasis on Black Magic, and an exploration of hidden desires and fears.
  • An acknowledgement of antinomianism as an overriding and defining magical principle and a willingness to have the spiritual courage to embrace symbols and archetypes feared and loathed by conventional culture.
  • An emphasis on the spiritual quest for self-deification or the act of becoming a god.
  • An emphasis on the unlimited expansion of our own Being.
  • A firm conviction that the literal existence of the Prince of Darkness is a fact, not through indoctrination or blind faith, but by means of personal experience and the gradual apprehension of the Princeps through the Willed merger of our Being with that of the Prince of Darkness. This process starts at the Priesthood of Xem.
  • The attainment of immortality of the conscious Self through this Willed act of Transformation.

The Order of Anubis exist as a mundane organization as a formal cultural association that is registered in Spain.

Question: Is the Egyptian Neter Anubis the Patron the Order of Anubis?

No, our Patron is the Prince of Darkness, the same metaphysical entity that revealed HimSelf in the guise of “Set” to Michael Aquino in 1975 CE. This is also the same metaphysical entity that revealed HimSelf as Odin, the supreme god and creator in Norse mythology, to the Magus of Runa Edred Flowers. The Prince of Darkness has not revealed HimSelf as “Anubis” to any of the current Magi of Xem. He only asked us to refer to him as the “Prince of Darkness” or “Princeps” in short and devoid from any relationship with any of the known LHP deities of the past.

Question: Does the Order of Anubis “believe” in Anubis?

Although Anubis (Anpu or Anpw is pronounced “ah nah pah”) is mostly known as an Egyptian “god” of the Underworld, Anubis is foremost an Archetype of Initiation as he is both the Opener of the Way and the Destroyer of the Path. An Archetype is an ideal example or the quintessence of a type. In Jungian psychology, an Archetype is defined as an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious. One could say that Anubis is the Archetype of Radical Transformation. So, does the Order of Anubis “believe” in Archetypes? In a Jungian sense of definition, absolutely! Do we “believe” in the Prince of Darkness? At the level of initiation of the Priesthood of Xem, the literal existence of the Prince of Darkness  becomes an undeniable reality for the Initiate. Working with the Archetype “Anubis” is not obligatory in any way in the Order of Anubis.

Question: What is the raison d’être of the Order of Anubis?

The Order of Anubis exists to provide a Space for Initiation into Xem. We exist to export the concept of “Xeper ir Xem” into the world. “Xeper ir Xem” is a formula that can be translated as “Come into Being towards Xem”. A more down to earth interpretation of this formula is “Come into being as a Deity”.

Question: What is “Xeper”, what is “Xem” and what does “Xeper ir Xem” mean?

Xem defines a goal for the concept of “Xeper” or “to Come into Being”, the Word of the Æon of Set and of the Temple of Set which is our predecessor. Xeper is the willful and conscious effort of the human psyche to capitalize on the “to be” quality of itself. The Word Xeper Originates from the psyche, it Speaks to the psyche, it is Worked both By and For the psyche. It is utterly interested in its own self-perpetuation and thus is Satanic in (non-)nature. As Xeper is the word of the willful (as opposed to random) evolution of the psyche, “Remanifest” is both the process and the result of Xeper. Xeper is, thus, the dynamic and never-ending process of Becoming – the process of eternal expansion of Being as opposed to the expansion of mere knowledge and skills. Being encompasses the whole of what oneself is at any instant in his or her existence: the total of his or her knowledge, intellect and internal and external perception.

The Process of Xeper can be rationalized and explained in intelligible terms while Xem cannot be defined in any exact wordings because Xem is a State of Being that is the product of Xeper. Each Manifestation/Creation of Xem will be as unique as the Magus of Xem that Created it. Like stated earlier, on top of that, Working with Xem and the Process of “Xeper ir Xem” is only apprehended by a very few since the nature of Xem is that one is either able to “hear” Xem or one is not, defining the “hearing of Xem” as the internal Need/Impetus to explore and Work with the Word Xem.

Xem is however not a static State of Being. The State of Being of Xem is an ever evolving one, as the formula “Xeper ir Xem” implies. Therefore the process of Xeper remains operant after the attainment of Xem.

Question: Why is the quest for Xem not realized under the umbrella of the Temple of Set?

After the chaotic experience with Magus Barrett and his Word “Xem” that decimated the numbers of the Temple of Set dramatically, this organization now rejects Xem and all it involves. Xem-directed Initiation is tolerated within ToS as long as the Initiate does not manifest his quest too openly. Xem is absolute poison to the Æons referred to in the Temple of Set. Xem shows the Aspirant that not only the Temple is unnecessary; it is poison to True Initiation. This is why Xem has had such a negative view within the Temple. The Magistry of the Temple however knows the nature of Xem and they know it would mean almost certainly chaos for the organization. As the main objective of the Temple of Set is that of perpetuating itself and their Æon, the Temple is obviously not interested in anything that could endanger their ultimate purpose.

Furthermore Xem is of a trans-Æonic nature, meaning that the Understanding of Xem does away with the concept of Æons in general as Xem is both the product of the Precession of Æons and the apex of the Æonic pyramidal understanding. Therefore Xem can neither be Worked nor Understood within the confines of an Æon.

Notwithstanding all this, let it be known that we honor Dr. Michael A. Aquino as one of the greatest Black Magicians to ever have walked the Earth and that we extend his legacy into our Order. The contributions of Dr. Aquino to the Occidental LHP are – and will probably remain – unsurpassed.  

Question: How does Xem relate to all the Æons that it encompasses?

Xem relates to the Æons and the Æonic Words that brought them into Being by the definition of the Roadmap to Xem:

The impetus for your personal Quest for Xem is Indulgence.

Thelema is your roadmap.

Xeper is your Journey.

Remanifestation is each milestone in your Journey.

Xem is your Destiny.

Read that again and think it over carefully. It does not reveal all of its secrets at the first reading.

Question: For whom does the Order of Anubis exist?

The Order of Anubis ultimately exists as a mundane vehicle for the Recognition of Magi of Xem. The Order is open to any individual, both male and female, of any nationality that is at least 18 years old and who “resonates” with the concept of LHP Initiation and, more precise, Initiation into Xem.

Question: How does one get affiliated with the Order of Anubis?

To access the Order of Anubis, one has to contact us via the website (https://www.orderofanubis.org) and be sponsored by a member of the Priesthood of Xem. The individual and the Order can then mutually explore their suitableness, while the Probationer gains access to our files and our forums.